Located inside the Alda Hotel you will find three guys with a passion for cutting hair, shaving beards, and partying. We are the two time winner of Best Barber in Reykjavik so you know that we will give you the best cut on the entire island but we are more than that.



The Jedi


He studied with the Greeks in the art of shaving, so you know he is skilled with a blade (haven't you seen 300). His jedi mastery with any type blade make your face look like a work of art and leaves every other beard shaver laying in bed at night dreaming about being him. Most artists tool is the brush but his is the straight razor and his canvas is your face.


The Don

It is best to say as little as possible about The Don. For years he has ruled the streets and barber chairs of Reykjavík. Unrivalled in skill and wits, his presence demands fear and respect from his colleagues and customers. He now rules from his stronghold, Barber, at Laugavegur.


The Hitman


When there'ething dubious going on in Reykjavík The Hitman is most likely a part of it - if not, he is definitely getting a cut. Although a tried and trusted ally to The Don he is known to lose his temper. To mess with him is about as good of an idea as to fight a tiger armed with nothing but your fists. And don't expect to catch him unawares, he is equally skilled with a pair of razor sharp scissors and a barber-knife. It is said that for any one of his "jobs" he gets a new tattoo to mark the occasion. Long story short, he is covered.





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